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Quality or Speed? I say both.

A client needs you to complete a project by the end of the week. What about that other project you said would be ready?

Some people will work long hours to get everything done (looking at you, accountants), others will learn the skills to manage these demands effectively.

Here’s how to balance quality and speed with client work:

1/ Schedule Work Effectively

Evaluate how urgent each task or project really is. Check the project-owners, like your boss or your clients. Does your assessment of priorities match theirs? You’d be surprised.

2/ Negotiate Deadlines

Once your priorities are clear, look at your responsibilities and identify deadlines that you need to re-negotiate.

3/ Manage Expectations

If a new project or client comes across your desk, communicate any potential delays or time gaps before you can start.

4/ Be Flexible

Sometimes, you won’t be able to renegotiate or delegate. Be prepared to put in extra effort, if appropriate, to honor your commitments. Just make sure this doesn’t happen too often.

Communication is key. Knowing how to manage competing priorities will help make sure your time is spent on the most valuable things.

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